My Rhetorical Analysis is about smoking Tipalet how I feel about this ad I found a web site it’s about a man blowing smoke in a women face. Making the image seem like the women is less than a man in this ad that if you blow smoke in a women face she will fall for you because of the smoke. Blowing smoke in her face My vintage ad is about a man and women standing face to face looking into each other’s eyes. While the man holds a Tipalet it’s delicious in taste and the aroma of the puff in her direction and she’ll follow you anywhere.

The man is dress in an all black suite while the women have a two strip dress on leaning in toward the man. The message that this ad is saying is if you buy Tipalet just buying it the aroma alone will have women following you anywhere you go. This is quite impressive by showing the man and women figure in this ad show the audience the power of their product. It show the sex appeal of the man and the women while smoking to elaborate it a little more the man blows smoke in her face so she can follow him anywhere he want to.

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The message is mostly going toward a man to buy their product and if they do all they have to do to get a woman is to have their Tipalet and go up to her and blow in her face and she will be all yours. The ad give you the oppression of coolness and power over a women that’s if you by their product. It give the audience a image of you, and you can be just like this guy if you get their product you can get any girl you want.

Blow in Her face and she’ll follow you anywhere” it tells the public to go around and blow smoke in women face because back in the late 1848 women were inferior to men in many ways. Women and their children seemed to be owned by the father and husband. The laws brought over from Great Britain, seemed to be the reason for these laws. Women did not have any property rights and once she was married, she was no longer allowed to own land, could not keep the money she earned for herself and was not allowed the care and control of her children.

A man was able to sell the family farm, take all the money for himself, and leave his wife and children behind with nothing. Also, if a man died without writing a will, his wife was not able to inherit anything, including any of the money she may have earned herself, or the land she had owned before her marriage. To wrap up everything what this ad is really say is men will rule over the women. The man have the last saying for everything and the women have to follow what he say.