My name is Gina Reuter and I currently am a senior at Naperville Central high school. my immediate goal is to gain admission to X University College. I know I will receive the proper education that will allow me to fulfill my potential as an elementary teacher as well as a contributing member of society. My 6th grade history teacher inspired me to love history and want to be an elementary teacher despite my disability which is Dyslexia and Binocular Dysfunction.

This illness makes me see words or letters backwards, skip words see floating letters and to skip lines while reading. It usually affects the way I see numbers and interferes with my spelling. I was tested for special education services the month before I graduated from junior high school and received my first full IEP as an incoming freshman in high school. Before the testing, I was perceived as lazy and “not living up to my potential” when I knew I was trying to do work. Mrs. Rose would teach us all with our senses.

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It didn’t matter to her if we didn’t all learn the same way because we all knew the lesson was going to be interesting no matter what the subject. I love history because it explains what we are and why we are and tells us the best path to take us to where we want to go. I believe it to be true that history points out our mistakes so that we can choose a better way to live peace in the future. Of course people doesn’t always accept this lesson. I’ve played ice hockey on my free time since I was seven years old. I love the sport and all that it offers.

Ice Hockey gave me the confidence of success in the rink, whenever I was having trouble and felt like a failure in school. This sport has taught me discipline, allowed me to focus, and achieve physical fitness. It has also provided me with an incredible sense of worth and feeling of success as well as a feeling of belonging. My coaches have been my greatest true mentors. I feel as if my teammates will be my friends forever. I have always loved children and love to teach them. I have been a volunteer at the Chicago Park district for underprivileged kids teaching them how to skate.

I love the hildren’s energy, and eagerness to learn as well as the look on their young, bright faces after they have accomplished a task they thought they couldn’t accomplish. My feelings on my disability is I feel the educational system has come a long way in providing resources for students with learning disabilities. I feel that the bulk of our society looks at people with learning disability such as dyslexia and Binocular dysfunction as stupid, slow and lazy or just not in the same class other children. People fear what they don’t understand.

People don’t know that they are all sorts of degrees of my Dyslexia. The word Dyslexia covers those that reverse some letters when they read to a non-reader. It can’t be cured and each person who has it must find their own way to compensate for the degree of disability that they have and use its resources. Every person must be his or her own greatest advocate, and not fear failure. I believe the failure for a person with a disability is not the disability itself. Instead, it is the failure of the person with a disability that will be the fear. understand the disability and to adapt and remain successful in life. Fear becomes your disability only if you allow it to be.

My goals are to combine the two loves of my life. I believe that I would make a a great elementary teacher. I want to be another “Mrs. Rose,” for other children lives to pass along my love of history to them. I also plan to play as the coach of the Division III Woman’s ice hockey team to give back to the sport that has been so good to me and made e who I am today.

Ice Hockey gave me the source of confidence and self worth, belonging and success I will need to succeed in life. I plan to work hard at X University at both my studies to be an elementary teacher and at conquering my disability. I know that X University is nationally recognized as a leader in education having a high amount of graduates who are well prepared for their chosen field in the real world upon graduation. I feel that I will gain the skill and knowledge I need at X University to help me achieve my goals in life.