Human being pride themselves of being the most intelligent beings, yet they still get involved in a lot of unhealthy risky behavior, such as smoking, polluting, substance abuse, unprotected sex, speeding, poor eating behavior and others risky behaviors. Indeed we ask whether doctors can help us to terminate this behaviors. The answer has always been yes but the problem is that feedback from patients using drugs has been always poor when they opt to be corporative with Doctors in giving details of their unhealthy practices. In this paper we are going to look at various explanations that are always given for unhealthy practices.

Among them, the first one being lack of knowledge by some people about the harmful effects of this unhealthy behaviors probably called substance abuse. The other theory states that the persons engaging in abuse do not real understand and weigh the healthy advantages and disadvantages regarding engaging in these behaviors. We don’t know the harmful effects of the unhealthy behaviors The world today is dynamic that is why it’s even doubtful when somebody tells you he doesn’t know the harmful effects of the unhealthy behaviors.

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An example is that all women and men know that to lower ones weight is desirable while it’s indeed true that obese people vary in their energy consumption from those who are thin. It’s also indeed clear that most of the obesity cases in America is emanating from the fact that they eat too much food rich in fats (WHO report 12/12/2006, BBC news) but most Americans know that these is unhealthy for them. Studies of that new college admission (freshman woman) indicate that 7-14% of the American women are non dieters the median age is close to 12.

This poses a challenge that to disapprove that these message is not reaching young women or maybe arriving late, but the medium American weight continuous to shoot up (WHO statistics 2006). The Reason for Doing What Is Not Good: Mixed Information and Impulses Knowledge is not a problem when we discuss substance abuse. When schools abuse prevention programmes are annalysed, shows that these programmes enhance student knowledge in being aware of the health risks of the substance abuse. Contrary these programmes have no effect but instead even increase substance abuse rate.

This adequately proves that inadequate knowledge is not a factor that inhibits people from illicit behaviors. The mass media has real sent air wave messages about anti and prosmoking, anti drinking and pro drinking and even the dangers of drug taking drugs but young people do not take them in any way seriously. The airways have at one time sent messages like smoking is unhealthy and contribute to sexual immorality but it falls on deaf ears. Furthermore even competing messages come regarding the pleasure associated with alcohol and Cocaine using.

Other messages are indeed delivered via food ads; it is common to see how industries present the creamy and tasty and how they promise a positive healthy life but the dieting and healthy departments, fitness and the fashions (entertainment industry) discourages such foods. Therefore in all these cases we see two contradictory messages about the use of particular substances; the positive side about the short term benefits of using them and the negative side which stresses the long term effects of certain substance use.

The Benefit of choosing Long Term Advantage over Short term advantages The way we perceive these messages would indicate whether we are real for healthy or unhealthy outcome of substance abuse. There has been a problem with human being about truly annalysing the short term advantage or long term effects of unhealthy practices. Researchers recently have indicated that human beings vary drastically in two major factors concerning reception of messages (Demitrack 2003).

• Their ability to annalyse short term benefits Their tendency to fear taking risks. On studying the temperament and the personality of individual and genetic determinants has indicated these factors. In regards to novelty – how a person will react to a punishment it shows that many adolescents start smoking as a way to offer relief from such problems like they are not popular the way they will prefer to be. Seeking novelty and avoiding harm find their root source as part in harmful behavior options. An example is alcoholic people who started early offer novelty as a reason for their behaviors.

Moreover the alcoholics and those in antisocial behaviors which are associated with criminal characters and the ability to disregard others are known to be low in avoiding harm to the society. Those who engage in just binge eating (eating sweets) are attributed to novelty factors compared to those who are anorexics (restrict their food intake). But this is just a blue print of everything; on the other hand a fear of harm can also contribute to motivation of unhealthy characters.

People would at one interval resort to illicit behaviors just to avoid fear to harm others and him termed as stress relieve. Most parents faced by family problems resort to drinking to avoid them Furthermore the bulimics and anoxecs give reasons of avoiding the negative effects of obesity even when they partake in starvation of which they know is dangerous to their healthy. Indeed this shows that there is temperament variation on people being eager to pursue these new healthy reinforces such as drugs and also the degree of avoiding them.

The impulsive ones are the most high in novelty. Highly impulsive people tend to think in ways that makes them more exposed to short term advantages of illicit behaviors even though they are aware of the negative consequences. Studies in laboratories especially computer laboratories where impulsive people are mandated to take decisions concerning rewards and punishments have shown that those who have high impulses easily do a behavior in the hope of gaining rewards even when the punishment increases unlike the less impulsive.

When highly impulsive persons are forced to consider the results of their illicit behavior they indeed were ready to make choices to avoid harm. Modernization Today’s culture is so dynamic and with the coming of technology has indeed prone the world to these illicit behaviors. The internet being the backbone pioneering information sharing is also perpetuating all kinds of illicit behaviors. The trauma that most movie makers are smokers has infiltrated into our culture and the teenagers are the mostly affected. Pictures of the reputation that one gets from opium are common on the net.

A study by the Nazarene studies by Krahn (1990) indicates most of the high school and college students are prone to stuff taking because of the internet. Since nobody controls the internet, part of the information extracted from it is false. The target is the youth some satanic organizations have come up with websites just perpetuate their cultures and part of this is dangerous practices by them like drug taking and sexual intercourse. Trafficking It is known that drug trafficking is a valuable activity and therefore the youth are thrilled to try it.

Most of those who fetch drugs are mostly the young age on behalf of there bosses. Some are even forced into this business a case in mind is during slave trade where Africans were fetched into other nations for prostitution. It is amazing that prostitution a special case of sexual immorality and a sister to alcoholism is still prominent in our culture. The motivating factor to prostitutes is employment, since they don’t have employment they end up being prostitutes. You can not promote business if you are not the first customer (Krahn 1990).

The decline of the society to spiritual appreciation Brian Hills (2005) in his study on spiritual decay stated that the most contributing factor to bad behaviors in modern society is that there are no serious Paul’s James and Peter of the biblical history. This seems to be a reasonable fact because these days a child will admire better he be like Commando the famous film maker than be Peter of the bible. The fact is the society has laxity to teach children and young people to opt for moral characters based on spiritual principles the bible being at the centre stage.

There is need fore those who are regarded to be Christians to show by their daily actions. Cases where one is indeed saved and yet by demonstration of his behavior is a drug addict should be limited. The teachers of the word of God have instead been found in the focuses being involved in sexual sin. Such factors do allow a society based on immoral character and as demonstrated by Krahn (1990) that if the society continuous likes this then moral character would loose place in the near future and human species would seize the opportunity to be no longer intelligent species. Medical history

Drugs have been used to treat certain diseases. Cases where alcohol is used to treat stomach ailments are common. This portrays an image of societal acceptability for these drugs. There is also confusing public health information about the use of certain drugs. A case in mind is the use of marijuana to motivate athletes thus if not rectified indeed has landed most participants in sporting events opportunities of trying the effects of these medicines. A study done in one of the countries indicated that the famous sexual immoralists and prostitutes are less prone to the chances of being infected by HIV.

This is a misconception that can harm people since after some time another study disapproved the first indicating one being easily to contract different strain of the virus. This factor indicates in clear sense that medical history has at one point contributed to promoting the illicit behaviors among people. Peer pressure Among the peers there is a common saying that you can know one’s behavior by looking at his friend (Eaves et al (1987). This fact is true since most of the illicit characters are perpetuated by the miscreants trying to fit in their race, peer or society.

One will even argue that drug taking has been attributed to our friends. Certain games and sports are root causes of this behaviors talk of chess, basket ball drug taking is taken as an identity substance. Poverty A study in less developed countries carried out in sub-Saharan countries indicated that poverty drives most of the people within this category into substance abuse. Most women are participating in sexual intercourse so that they can earn living. That is why prostitution is common underdeveloped countries.

Since raising and production of such drugs as bhang is cheap. This has been also been promoted by modern technological advancement in which high yields are expected. Though planting of such drugs is mostly prohibited people find opportunities to plant them even in forests. Governments have tried to gang down the issue but it is a problem . Several kilograms of bang has been uprooted in remote places. Some illicit brews are thought to be produced in these suburbs and in slums of most of the cities the main consumers are the working class people with low earning.

Production methods of these illicit brews have been under scrutiny since cases of deaths have become common. The rate of prostitution is very high in towns because of the advancement in technology. The people feel secure with the availability of condoms these has real increased sexual immorality among the ladies. Cases where men bred young ladies so as to sustain their living such as school fees are common. The worst situation is that even young men in colleges have found themselves victims of married women just to cater for their living. The most dominant attractors to these behaviors are widows.

Since the spreading of HIV is increasing and married people do fear because of their families. Another study in Norway (Eaves et al, 1987) indicated the increase in rate of drug abuse being caused by death. The orphans in slums and street boys are involved in these behaviors since it is only source of food for them. They smoke even petrol and bang to sustain there living. The need for consumption Industries like tobacco industries, cigarette production companies, alcohol generating industries prostitution have to establish comprehensive sales promotions campaigns to attract customers and participants.

They have to make sure that outbid the healthy departments by trying to bring out the benefits of their products to win more customers. In recruiting more customers these behaviors are propagate. A situation in mind is the prostitution industry where it has to undergo sales promotion including the possibility of increasing the price of there services. In turn the mostly affected are the unemployed who find themselves in these industries. It has even gone to the point of involving the security departments where they are bribed to allow trafficking to take place.

Since the price of drugs such as opium is too expensive it serves as an alternative to the jobless young people. The Role of Parents and Education system In this modern generation the role of parents in bringing up children is real being assumed. What should we do when the public of child discipline is left to teachers? In some countries a normal class can hold as far as beyond 80 students. It is very hard in such an institution to narrow down to an individual student; it will be a burden to the teacher. Therefore it approves the fact that the character of students is never shaped by teachers.

Even the today’s education systems that indeed have spared the rod and given children freedom, the end result has been getting irresponsible children who in turn to drug taking to even approve there characters. There is a big gap between the years spent by teachers and real parents with students. Who knows the adopted character after such a long time? Better To Slow Down and Not Decide The solution to mixed message problem above faced by adolescence and adults is to slowing down the decision making process. It is better to make sure you learn not respond impulsively and consider results of your decisions to make better out of something.

Responsible generation We need the characters of responsibly to be articulated in our society for us to indeed correct these illicit behaviors. A situation where the teachers, parents, spiritual fathers and the young generation have combined effort is required to cap these characters. Training and education can be a vital tool for this process. The role of parents in upbringing children should now be emphasized. Finally, strict legislation is put in place to control behaviors like prostitution, drug trafficking and all these behaviors above.