Founded in 1978 and based in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is a business organisation that deals with a successful ownership and operation of natural and organic foods supermarkets. The company’s products include: seafood, grocery, meat and poultry, bakery, and prepared foods it is best known for its quality food business, whose vision is to satisfy the consumers, the company is said to be contributing to a privileged quality of life to various communities, the company practices this by providing high quality food products, which is believed to be transforming the peoples diet in America making them live longer and healthier.

Corporate Communication The word “corporate communication” is normally used by enterprises to mean the process that is used to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge of the enterprise with its internal and external publics or individuals that have a direct relationship with the firm. This process is normally applied in the internal communications management as from the sharing of the knowledge to decision making with employees, suppliers, investors and the firms partners.

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This corporate communication is normally used to build the firm’s reputation among its stakeholders. It involves the following: change management, issue management, corporate social responsibility, crisis communication and internal relations. In this case we find that the world foods market plays a major role in educating its publics on the normal differences relating to a better tasting food and this has been taken as a very significant step forward by the foods market it helps live a happier and healthier life.

The sharing of information, experience and ideas may be applied internally or externally. Under which, the internal communication influences each other within the company, while the external communication is used to inform and influence other people and organizations. The objectives of these communications is to inform and influence other people, promote policy change, raise funds, to monitor progress and to revise plans and to leave experience documented for the future of the firm.

The whole foods market management plays this role effectively by; instilling a clear sense of interdependence among the consumers who are always interested in benefiting from the company’s’ success, therefore the company puts more efforts in communicating with them openly and often with a compassion, since the management team regards having a better communication as emerging to a better understanding and more trust among the company and the other people.

Also, the company has a responsibility in satisfying and creating delights in its consumers who are said to be the most important people in the business, thus world foods market has the objective of meting the expectations of the consumers on every purchase they carry out by guaranteeing a full product satisfaction. In this case we find that communication plays a major role in the market in the provision of customer services, through which the employees are seen to be serving its consumers with an in- depth knowledge and enthusiasm about their products.

The market is seen to be maintaining a good relationship with its customers through the daily demonstrations by the customer services. The company considers its consumers as the livelihood of the business since they create the key motivation factor for the employees to work and they are not regarded as an interruption to work. Since they bring desires to the company whose role is to satisfy such desires, therefore its consumers are treated with respect and politeness at all times.

To achieve this the company is seen to be creating suitable store environments that are usually appealing, enjoyable, exclusive and educational to the community thus enabling the consumers to socialize and make new friends not considering race, gender, sex and personality of the consumers. Motivation Motivation is believed to bring a positive perspective to the employees on their position in the organisation. It also creates the influence to change, and build employees self-esteem and capacity to work.

Therefore, the organizations’ management team has the responsibility of motivating workers, and in a situation where the organizational structure is experiencing changes, the manager should come up with a plan that will define the environmental factors that will be able to bring an atmosphere of integrity, honesty, and confidence to the employees. Under motivation we see that the Whole Foods Market support its employees performance in the organisation.

The company’s success is based on the skills and knowledge of its employees who normally work as a team; these employees are normally given fair wages depending on the fulfillment of their work. The company motivates its employees by providing a safe working environment through which they are enabled to reach their highest performing potentials. Despite the amount of work an employee does he is normally regarded as a major contributor in the daily business activities of the market.

The company has a number of workforces who normally work in the production of the goods, others working in the distribution of the goods that are said to be generally supporting the retail team and the consumers too play an important role in bringing the business to a success. The Whole Foods Market has an objective of creating unity and trust among the people in the company whereby, the company aims at developing a sense of community dedication to the company.

The company is still striving to create a strong relationship among its employees by encouraging them to participate and involve themselves in all business activities of the company. This is normally done by having a self directed team who meet on a regular basis to discuss, solve problems in the company’s business activities and also appreciating each others contributions, implementing an increased communication system in the organisation this system includes team member forums, advisory groups and open book, open door and open people practices.

The company also encourages gain sharing and other members’ incentive programs and also creating the commitment of making the employees work to be enjoyable by the combination of work and play and also through a friendly competition so as to improve its product market. The presence of a continuous learning opportunities about the company’s’ value, products and the working skills, with a provision of an equal employment opportunity and promotions within the company is said to be the main motivating factors of the Whole Foods Market.

The employee recognition, which is basically an instrument that strengthens and compensates the most significant production that the employees have created for the organisation is regarded as another factor for motivation in the whole foods market organisation where the recognition structure is made simple, instant, and effectively supportive to the employees and the organisation at large.

Under this, the management team ensures that a principle for performance is established, involving the rewardable behavior of the employees, thus all of them are entitled to the recognition by the employer. This recognition structure normally supplies the employees with specific information about the behavior they are being rewarded for. The company’s management team states that, any employee who performs at a specified level will receive a reward.

Basically recognition occurs hand in hand with performance of the employees, thus it reinforces the employees’ encouragement. The whole foods market recognizes that poor motivation may lead to a change in the organizations’ performance; therefore the manager has adopted a policy for managing changes within the organisation which is said to be motivating to the employees since it is used as an entry to achievement.

Whole Foods Market is regarded as a different grocery which promotes organic farmers and also educates its consumers on agriculture and nutrition in this case we find that most of its employees say that this educating activity is fun and thus they are motivated in the performing of this work thus improving the business relationship of the grocery with the consumers and the community at large. Through this the company is said to be contributing five percent of its after tax profits to various community organizations every year. Decision Making

Since it is said that many problems organizations as a result of poor planning of the employees by the managers, such problems include; confusion about the level of power in an organization and also about the remuneration systems, late issue of job descriptions and contracts, also the lack of adequate and timely introduction of new employees in the organization, here we find that whole foods market looks for people who have a passion about food. Whereby its employees have knowledge in each and every aspect of life and are seen to be playing in improving the productivity of the company which is beneficial to the whole community.

Under we find that the market has created an alternative workplace where they are devoted to provide excellent products and services to its customers, and also creating a positive, creative and enjoyable working environment for its employees thus promoting their participation. The employees are free to think of themselves and work as a team, where they are allowed to elect a legislative body to an advisory group, they are free to meet monthly to discuss various issues and share ideas freely among themselves.

The company’s management is not the kind of top-down management that is used by most companies this type of management allows the markets employees to have a real voice in decision making. And for this reason the employees claim to have their ideas taken into consideration and that they enjoy their work at the Whole Foods Market. Since decision making is normally geared towards the improvement of the speed and effectiveness of the employees’ responses to a particular situation, under this, whole food market has a work force plan that focuses on the operational issues of the employees in the organization.

This involves, preparing the workforce psychologically, which commits all the employees to respond to a business activity, also the employees are prepared intellectually, whereby; the managing team comes up with the kind of responses that are appropriate in responding to a particular situation, this is normally done through learning from experiences or learning from other similar organizations.

Also, decision making of the company, involves practical preparations, through which the management team has access to the precise resources that include, trained staff, adequate equipment and an efficient administrative systems. Therefore these decisions are always assessed on a regular basis, so as to ensure that the information contained in it is accurate, and still relevant to the organization.

This process focuses on various aspects of the employees work, including the procedures for enrollment, introduction and training of new workers, it also focuses on the communication systems, between the employees and the organization, and this is normally used as a tool for the sharing and developing ideas within an organization. During enrollment, we find that the manager or the administrative personnel of the whole foods market, ensures that there is adequate capacity within the employees to cope with the amount of customer services that it offers.

Therefore they should include in the job description the entire workers program, the duty to assess and respond to various customer needs, Therefore, the management team should ensure that; a record outlining the lessons and experiences faced during the past community training are securely kept, thus the manager should ensure that the workers have access to the record so as to know the various ways of responding to a particular environmental issue.

The management team of the organization normally carry out the following rules while training the new staff; develop a sense of commitment to working in various environments and develop confidence in the employees working capacities, normally the confidence comes with experience, this is usually done through seconding, which involves the experienced staff of the organization passing the knowledge on to the less experienced employees who will therefore, gain new skills.

We find that the whole foods market is able to state what its consumers seek in its products, whether it is the quality, price or convenience, through this it will be able to identify the needs and the benefits that its customers will gain from the products this practice is normally referred to as market segmentation.

Under this we find that the market applies the elements of marketing mix where it is able to make a decision on the way to meet its consumers desires, this elements include; Product-the grocery ensures that before the product is promoted into the market, the characteristics of the products is well defined to meet the needs of the consumers, the packaging of the product is always attractive thus enticing the customers to buy the products, the quality of the product is always made perfect whereby the quality matches with the prescription of the product in the market so that it can maintain its consumers who are not misled with the misrepresentation of the qualities with its competitors.

The Whole Foods Market applies the concept of public relations in its daily business decision making process which involves the correcting of the reputation of the organization to the targeted consumers with the current issues of the organization. This normally involves the evaluation of public and personal opinions over a particular issue, formulation of procedures related to communication between the organization and consumers, and co-ordination of communication programs within and out of various business departments of the organization. This use of public relations has enhanced a positive awareness of the organization to the public leading to a sustained and a planned effort in establishing and bringing understanding between the organization and its consumers.