Standardized tests for college and other introductory level admissions have been used since quite some time now. Most of the renowned academic institutions have been using this mode of testing as the most important process of their admission processes. There has been a rising controversy regarding the validity of these tests in evaluating the aptitude of a person. While many believe that the method works, others argue that the method can be cracked by some and standardized tests can be championed by students with constant practice and work; even those who do not possess the qualities that the standardized tests seek to identify.

Briefly explaining, standardized tests are tests which are directed and scored in a constant rate and manner. The basic principle that works for these standardized tests is that all the answers are scored consistently throughout the administration extent; that is wherever the test is administered, the scoring is consistent. Primarily, the test answers are in either the form of true and false or they consist of multiple choice questions which makes it easier for the examiner to check.

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One of the major reasons for the popularity of these standardized tests is their computer compatibility that helps the examiners is calculating the scores of hundreds of individuals by making the test answer sheets machine readable. It provides consistency and efficiency in the right direction. There are other advantages present regarding the usage of standardized tests as well. The biggest and the simplest one of them probably is that they are standardized. Simply putting, every individual across other corners of the world, are being treated equally; administered similar difficulty level questions.

This ensures that they chosen ones are from the same aptitude level be it a foreign student or a local one. The use of standardized tests for college admissions ensures consistency to a wide range. This standardization also is different from the school transcript, which is graded by individuals teachers and therefore, there would exist a margin of error and the difference of opinion. Standardized tests help in evaluating students on a common platform when they are following different backgrounds.

Keeping aside the cultural and geographical changes, a standardized test is helpful especially for high school and college admission tests, because the institutions are gauging the expertise of students over a large area, of people from different backgrounds. This makes standardized tests supportive. Another major advantage of using standardized form of testing is the concept of aggregation. A standardized test which is considered to be well developed, the test would be able to understand the individual’s expertise in a certain domain of education or test.

On the other hand, individual assessment doesn’t prove to be as fruitful because there is a higher chance of error and the information could not be used for practical purposes. Standardized tests remove the concept of subjective matter that is present in normal tests. The subjectivity of the examiner, who grades the subjective answers in the test, is a big question mark on the compatibility of the test with other similar tests. The checking of a subjective answer would be different for different examiners, hence, increasing the probability of error.

Standardized testing helps on many different fronts. Children who are being homeschooled are being subjected to different levels of exposure to schooling and academics. The success of homeschooling depends on the important fact that if the child is learning or not. The basic method through which one can gauge the effectiveness of homeschooling would be through subjecting the child to a standardized test that is being administered to people of the same age and aptitude.

This same concept of consistency is embedded in the standardization of tests. In this case, the parents do not have to even report the results to the proper institutions. Therefore, it is more convenient for parents to administer their children through a test to learn the effectiveness of the standardized test. For an examiner, it is easier to formulate a standardized test rather than a comprehensive subjective test that requires more thinking and effort, on the making part and on the checking part as well.

Therefore, standardized tests are ideal for the students as well as the examiners. Conclusion The conclusive evidence that has been provided in the above debate should be enough for the reader to understand the importance of standardized tests as being used for college admission. they are instrumental in providing the standardization of test evaluation and provide each and every student a fair and equal chance at getting an opportunity.